Custom Blythe Dolls for Adoption

Every week this page gets updated with newly added custom Blythe dolls for sale. To check the price and details for each doll, just click the image.

PS: If you want to have your dolls on this list, make sure to list them on Etsy before Wednesday and Saturday morning. 

Etsy Dolls

Belladonna Custom Blythe by AnotherBlythe

Yumi SBL Blythe doll by MyLittleMuses

Custom Blythe Doll Mie Mie by Pliskytrix

Minty by illekelittlehelpers

Custom Blythe doll Ellis by tastydolls

Custom blythe Apple by les poupées d’Émilie / emiliedolly

Custom African Blythe doll by dragonflyblythe

Custom Blythe Doll HARPER by Cihui

Blythe Doll by LinaBlythe

Blythe Clown Ice Cream by ValentinaFreedom

Watermelon Blythe doll by DaryaJavnerik

Blythe Custom Doll by BlytheDollsArt

Blythe custom doll by OlgaKapustinadolls

Doll custom Blythe Snow white by AngelittaDolls

Matta Custom Blythe doll by MIAdollsArtshop

Custom Blythe doll Sasha by BlytheAtelierArt

Blythe custom Amy by Keepertoys

Blythe doll custom by OspitedollsBoutique

Blythe Doll custom by BlythedollAlina

Silvia blythe custom doll by moushop

Blythe Doll by BlythedollAlina

Blythe Clown Candy by ValentinaFreedom

Blythe Clown Cotton Candy by ValentinaFreedom

Custom Blythe Doll by amoralys

Insane Asylum Blythe Doll by Spookykidsworkshop

Blythe petite doll custom Bee Queen by Saijanide

Blythe doll custom by VikishopArt

MARINA Blythe custom by GulnaZenDolls

Blythe doll Anna by BlytheAndBears

Custom Blythe Doll by MyBeautifulBlythe

Blythe doll custom by janasOOAKblytheDolls

Blythe Red Queen by AigulDOLLS

Vampire Blythe doll Roni by IulianiaDolls

Vampire Blythe Latika by IulianiaDolls

Custom Middie Blythe by Somchai

Custom Blythe Doll by Somchai

Blythe Doll by TatkaDolls

Custom Blythe doll by Giuliadolls

Blythe Custom Doll by YumiCamui

Blythe Custom Doll by YumiCamui

Blythe doll Amina by janasOOAKblytheDolls

Original Takara Blythe Custom by BlytheByMe

Fiona Custom Blythe doll by IlonaToys

Antoine Blythe boy by PommedAmourDolls

Custom Blythe doll by TatkaDolls

Custom Blythe doll by Giuliadolls

Custom Blythe Doll by AlenaDollBlythe

Blythe Custom by SaraWorkshop

Custom Blythe doll by BlytheUrvnatalya

Blythe doll custom Bella by KattySuzume

Ebay Dolls

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