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My name is Rebeca Cano. I was born in Spain, in Madrid but now I live with my family in Toledo. I have a degree in History and Archeology, worked for many years as a tour guide, archaeologist, and archaeological restorer. I am currently a visual artist and writer. I love to read, drawing and painting, decorating, visit exhibitions, travel, enjoy nature and above all, spend time with my husband and my children. I have two children, Nicolás  (4-year-old) and Martín (4-month-old). I love playing with them and being able to help them grow and learn. We also have a dog, Sir Ludo, he is a french bulldog with 8 years old. I started in the world of dolls in 2008 and from the beginning, I customized the dolls to become the protagonists of my stories and stories and tales. I am a cheerful and dreamy person, I love fantasy, literature, romantic epoch and surrealism, all this together with my feelings, experiences, dreams, and nightmares inspires me to create my stories and from them are born my dolls.

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