Blythe vs. Blythe Event

You are cordially invited to the Blythe event of the year: BLYTHE VS. BLYTHE
Are you interested in participating? Read on:

Why I created Blythe vs. Blythe?

Recently I sold my ticket to Blythecon Brooklyn and accepted defeat that as a single Mom I would just not be able to travel across the country with a rambunctious 2-year-old by myself. The cost and logistics of bringing him, or leaving him, made it impossible. I can’t tell you how sad I was to admit this. I got to thinking that it is really hard for us passionate Blythe collectors/customizers who are unable to attend a Blythecon, and how great it would be to have some other awesome event we could participate in from our homes. That is when I thought about creating a Blythe event group where we could have competitions supported by the community with fun prizes and activities. Blythe vs. Blythe will be the first one.

The success of future events depends on the participation by collectors and customizers in this first one. I hope you will choose to be a part of it!

What is Blythe vs. Blythe?

The Blythe vs. Blythe kickoff event will be happening in October 2017 and is a Blythe competition by two top customizers.

Blythe vs Blythe Flyer

Blythe doll (Vera Floretine)

Each customizer will receive the same exact Blythe doll (Vera Floretine). The theme for the event is Fall/Autumn and the customizer must create a doll that best represents that theme. Over the course of one month ( October) they will customize the doll in their own style sharing “peeks” throughout the process.

When the dolls are completed photos will be posted to the group and a poll will be put up. Members will vote for the doll that they feel best interprets the theme. Voting should not be based on “who’s better”, but rather focus on the best, or most creative interpretation of the theme.

Voting will be up for one week and at the end the customizer with the most votes will win.

Now the really fun part. The winning doll will be given away via random drawing for all paying members who voted. The customizer will receive 80% of the entry fees (up to $1000).

Who is Involved in Blythe vs. Blythe?

CASIE BRABHAM of BeBe Blythe Co. is the coordinator of the event. The customizers competing in the event are… drumroll please… RACHEL HARPER of Starry Tale Dolls and KIM WAMPER of On the Horizon dolls! These ladies are awesome customizers and bring amazing energy to the event. I can’t wait to see what they do.

Where is Blythe vs. Blythe?

The event is happening on Facebook here:

When is the Blythe vs. Blythe event?

The customizing part of the event will occur in October. The vote and grand prize custom doll will be given away at the end of October. However, you can join now to participate in pre-event activities.

How can you participate?

Entry for each group member is $10. You can send payment to or contact me and let me know what your Paypal address is. I will send you an invoice and as soon as it is paid you will be added to the group.

What else does your entry fee get you other than the chance to win a custom doll? With your $10 payment you will be given the choice of either downloading a eye chip PDF print out, or access to my custom Blythe carving video on Youtube (both a $10 value). There will also be “door prizes” given away over the course of the customizing process to keep everything fun.

If you would like the entry fee waived you can donate a door prize. Contact Casie Brabham for more info!

Thank you so much for your interest and we hope you will join us!