Blythe vs. Blythe 3 Event

The first Blythe vs. Blythe event occurred in October 2017 and was a huge success. Blythe vs. Blythe 2 occurred in February 2018 and was even more successful with bigger events and a lot more members. Blythe vs Blythe 3 is shaping up to blow the previous events out of the water!

What is Blythe vs. Blythe?

Blythe vs. Blythe is a competition between 2 top customizers. Each customizer receives the same Blythe doll model. The doll for this event is a Blythe Cherry Beach Sunset. The theme for this event is "Summer". Over the course of one month, both artists will customize the doll in their style sharing “peeks” throughout the process.

Blythe Cherry Beach Sunset

When both dolls are completed, photos are posted to the group and voting begins. Members vote for the doll that they feel best interprets the theme. Voting should not be based on “who’s better”, but rather focus on the best, or most creative interpretation of the theme.

Voting is up for 1 week and at the end the customizer with the most votes wins. 

How can you participate?

Entry for each collector/member is $20. If you are interested in the lower cost direct pay option please contact Casie Brabham. Members will be added within 24 hours.

$20 Ticket via PayPal* $24.60 Ticket via Etsy

*If you choose PayPal, please send to as friends and family

? DISCOUNT! There's a special discount price if you get your ticket until April 1st (only $10). Please contact Casie to get this discount.


What else does your entry fee get you other than the chance to win a custom doll? 
With your membership payment you will be eligible for an entry gift which is currently to be determined for this event, but for the first event, it was a download of BeBeBlytheCo or access to a carving video on Youtube (both a $10 value). The second event the gift was even more exciting, a lucky bag full of goodies! There will also be “door prizes” given away and games over the course of the customizing process to keep everything fun and engaging.


So who are the customizers in the third Blythe vs. Blythe event? 
Jessica Scarlett of Deargirl Face and Sally Han Yin of Rainfable Dolls.


Timeline of Event
The customizers will be working on their dolls during the month of June and therefore the event takes place in June. Membership tickets can be purchased now but the group will be in preparations until around May when pre-events start. Door prizes, demos, and games will be announced in May. At the end of June, there will be the vote and drawing for the custom doll.


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