Blythe vs. Blythe 2 Event

The first Blythe vs. Blythe Facebook event occurred in October 2017. A unique event and the first of it’s kind, Blythe vs Blythe is part customization competition, and part online community activity. Members of the first event were already buzzing about when Blythe vs. Blythe 2 would occur before the first event had ended!


With the same enthusiasm, I would like to announce that Blythe vs. Blythe 2 will take place in February 2018. This second event is sure to blow the socks off the first one with even bigger prizes, bigger stakes, and even more fun to be had by all!


The customizers who will be competing in February are the great Lita Chan and the amazing Stella Molloy. They will be customizing DEVI DELACOUR and the theme of the event is going to be LOVE. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Blythe vs Blythe 2 Flyer
Blythe doll (Devi Delacour)


They will be customizing the dolls in the month of February but there will be pre-event activities occurring now until then, so be sure to sign up asap and don’t miss out. It is $10 to join if you pay directly via PayPal friends and family. If you prefer you can instead purchase a $15 ticket on Etsy.

$10 Ticket via PayPal* $15 Ticket via Etsy

*If you choose PayPal, please send to as friends and family

Previous Event

In addition, there is an entry gift, live demos, and games which will all be announced in January. If you are interested in more info and would like to check out the first event, you can now join for free even though it has ended. Take a look around and see what a blast we had. You also can find a re-cap video I put together for the first event here: