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Jayjay Den a.k.a. Blythe Spa Time Vintage Doll Restoration Artist and Digital Design Teacher I graduated from art school and feel fortunate to be able to use all of my skills in Blythe-crafting as it is an art form that I truly love. I am a Digital Design instructor by day at an art school and I restore dolls back to their glory by night. Illustrating, painting, digital art, photography, wire wrapping, gardening, foraging, forest bathing, hiking and playing piano are the things you can find me doing when I’m not in my studio-doll-hospital. I have been customizing and restoring Blythe and Kenner dolls since 2012, and have created and/or refreshed over 60 custom Blythe dolls and restored over 35 Kenners! Countless vintage plastic, rubber, vinyl, gofun and celluloid dolls have also come and gone from my craft-lovin’ table. I am honored to have my creation and restorations in private collections all around the world! I’ve made so many amazing friends through this hobby! My dolls have been featured in art shows, as Etsy store models, in magazines both in print and online. I love to donate to doll conventions around the world and thank you for your ongoing support! Write me if your beloved needs a refresh or an update, I’d love to talk dolls with you!

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