Blythe in Wonderland

Minda Timóteo


Hello, I live in “Pearl of the Atlantic”, Madeira Island, Portugal. It is a beautiful island full of sunlight and flowers where reigns in its most beautiful shapes and colors. I’ve been an art teacher since 1997 and I love my work every day more. Daily I deal with the purest sources of imagination, children. They are true treasures that surprise us every day. My main source of inspiration is my three children. I’ve been a mother for the first time in 2004 of a girl and after 13 years I’ve been blessed again with twins, a boy, and a girl. My passion for Blythe began around the year 2008. Since then that I collect and did my first custom on 2009. Blythe dolls are like small treasures with their own individual personalities. I want to live forever in this world of dream and fantasy, to believe in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny … I want to be always a child … but in a society of responsible adults all my “soul child” is transmitted by my creations, by my art … inspired by this beautiful world that is childhood. So I created Blythe in Wonderland, a magical world of fantasy, creativity, and dreams come true. All my pieces are unique and my original designer and creation. All done with LOVE. I hope you enjoy. My motto: be happy every minute, enjoying the most simple things that life offers us. Each day that we wake up, we have a new opportunity to be happy. Thanks for reading my story and visiting my store. Have fun Hugs, Minda

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