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I am Dani, I am based in Switzerland and my real life job is in market research. It’s a really interesting profession, yet having studied design and architecture growing up, I missed the creative outlet.

I’ve met Blythe back in 2011 and it was love at first sight <3 Snowflake Sonata was the first to join my family and I was so smitten… I found gorgeous pictures online and wondered how I could make my girl look more “alive”, so I started reading blogs and experimented with her. It was a fantastic experience!

I quickly threw myself collecting and customizing nearly every girl that was released for a couple of years, amassing an embarrassingly numerous Blythe family. It took me a loooong time (and a space crisis in my apartment 🙂 until I was ready to adopt out my customs in 2016. I love though knowing little Darts are living in other countries and experiencing untold adventures, so I plan to do it again.

I think each Blythe is a real girl, and that she comes with her personality already inside – I just have to reveal it… That’s why I never use the same base doll – each Dart is different, and I don’t like to alter their unique features. For example, I never change the Special Eyes on a Takara edition. I also stay close to their original theme colors in my make-up and when I paint their eyechips.

I think of my girls as young middle schoolers, which is the age I loved the most in my own childhood. They are full of curiosity and see everything with innocent new eyes, but like to imagine themselves already as grownups… They definitely LOVE playing dress up!

I also think they whisper secrets all the time, and if you listen closely, you will learn a lot 🙂

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