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This is a little bit about me, and where I have come from in my Art as Black Ribbon Blythes. I’m married to a wonderful man and have 3 grown-up children who are amazing, and I’m very proud of them, although they think their mum is weird sometimes! I started customizing dolls just over 7 years ago and I customized all sorts of dolls: BJD, Pullip, Blythes, etc. Everything! I have come out very slowly to the public about what I do, as I thought I wasn’t any good at customizing and I thought there might be some stigma when people realized I was doll collecting. In fact, I started collecting china dolls when I was 8 and I still remember my very first one, bought in a Cornish seaside shop lol. I grew up with a fascination for Victorian Gothic and fashion, also the darker side of life, hence why I love the freak show/carnival theme so much, oh and vampires too… I used to wear Victorian-style clothing every day, even to work. (I worked in a school, much to the amusement of the children, who sometimes asked who I was dressed as. You gotta love kids for their innocence.) It’s just me: I like to be a little different! In my dolls, I feel I can let my personality out, and put a little bit of me into each one. I love to walk in graveyards! I lived right next door to one for many years. Even as a child, I enjoyed walking through them, not because I’m morbid but because I find them, again, fascinating! The artwork on the Victorian headstones is amazing and the amount of nature that roams around in them is beautiful. They are just very peaceful and interesting places: this goes into my work too. I am now, sadly, a little too old to work in corsets, but once my weight is sorted out due to the thyroid, I can assure you the bustle skirts will be back out! The name Black ribbon came from a fashion habit of mine, as I used to wear a black ribbon around my neck and I also collect ribbon, so it felt fitting. So… this is me! My cute side comes out in my bears – check them out sometime if you haven’t already! (Oh and yes I’m dyslexic too, so if sometimes my sentences don’t quite make sense, look at the pictures instead! lol My hubby is my live in spell checker – thanks Kingsley!)

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