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Hello!! My name is Beatriz Márquez Molina I am 45 years old but I feel like a younger woman!! I come from Almeria, Spain – a beautiful place to live where the sunshine brights all days and usually is a warm place. We have sun, beach, mountain, and desert all in the same place.
My best hobby is spending my time with my two lovely sons and customizing Blythe dolls.

The love for Blythe was born a long time ago! I saw one of them and fell in love instantly!!
I have the need to create since I can remember and Blythe dolls are perfect for me because I can express my feelings on them.

I am always learning and trying to make my work better. I am a perfectionist. I always try to give my customs their own personality and I can do a lot of different expressions. I’m always looking to make people smile. I love looking at my dolls and smile. They usually are sweet and look like little girls or boys. As in this life, we have a lot of sadness and problems, for me it’s very important to give a smile and love and I try that people that adopt one of my dolls can feel this on them.

At the moment I customized more than 320 Blythe dolls (both original and fake) and all of them have a new home. Three of them are in my collection as they are my mini-me and my sons.

I have a big Blythe collection as I was buying all original Blythe dolls and other like Holala, BJD, etc.

I remember my first open mouth – she born because I broke one doll making a big hole! And I thought that I should save her!! This was three years ago!! And I think that now is my favorite mouth – it was the destiny ?

Beatrice Márquez Molina
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