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Hello everyone. My name is Art. My love and passion for Blythe doll started in 2010 when my partner gave me the first Blythe doll. I have been in love with Blythe since then. I started reading a lot and watching a lot of VDO about Blythe including Blythe customization tips and tutorials. Then I started customizing Blythe. It is hard to believe that Art14 started from a doll received as a gift and now it has become increasingly recognized among Blythe doll collectors around the world. I started my custom career in Blythe Thailand forum and continue growing. I work happily each and every day doing my custom work. Every moment is filled with joy and happiness. I have met a lot of nice customers who became friends and family. We talk about things and give each other support. I will continue working and doing my best to make everyone who appreciates my work happy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for liking my work and supporting me.

Tawesup Chansupa
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