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I am currently a deputy group director with a property company in Singapore, doll custom is only part time.

How I started custom Blythe: My beloved Mother passed away on November 2014, I sunk into depression. I took a long term leave from work, during that period I start custom Blythe, I learned blythe custom from Mr Tawesup founder of Art14blythe. He was my mentor and very strict with me, if I didn't do a good job he scold me. I am indebted to him for his coaching.

I am a blythe customizer 1.5 years since, though relatively new I am blessed with customers who love my work. I am excited about my new venture, I always craft different face up for my dolls and learning a new skill. I can't help but be inspired to create new things. Prior to doll custom , I do all kinds of crafts, beading, sewing, glass work, mohair teddies , etc. In term of careers in my life I was research engineer, teacher, insurance, bank and now a property director. So I definitely love explore new skills and learning. A true doll customizer has courage to get outside her comfort zone and is when true masterpieces are born. I will continue to create meaningful & powerful work!

Jo Jie
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