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Hello, my name is Joey Gomez, I am TuSabesBlythe customs. I am originally from Dallas, Texas but now live in Los Angeles, California.

I've had several lives so far in this world, I was a Bartender/Mixologist (yes I went to school for this!!!). I was a hair dresser for awhile working in Beverly Hills and then went to school again to get my Massage Therapy License, which is what I am currently licensed to do. I practice Massage Therapy currently here in Los Angeles, CA.

My hobbies include Blythe, photography, reading, going to the movies, going to the beach. I do not have any human children but I do have a furry one, his name is Mouse and he's a kitty.

I learned about Blythe back in 2004 and began customizing them shortly afterwards mainly for myself or as gifts for friends. I think one of the things that makes me very different from other customizers is that I am super flexible in my style. I usually ask, what the customer is looking for in the doll? What sort of child would they be? What feeling would they emote? And I create from there, I let them speak to me while I work on them. I believe that each Blythe doll is special and unique and there is a tiny creature in there waiting to emerge if we listen very carefully.

Joey Gomez
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