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Olivia Dolls

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I am Olivia Framhein

I live on La Palma, the isla bonita of the Spanish Canary Islands of the North Atlantic coast of Africa. A beautiful place to live and work in my studio.

2 years ago I became acquainted with the Blythe dolls and fell in love with them. I was especially fascinated by the various customized versions and I decided to create my very own doll.

From the delicate work of reforming the facial  features, to perfecting a technique of rooting the soft strands of hair, much patience and time was needed to achieve a desired results, the “ Olivia Dolls” my very own girls.

My handwork? My hobby? … My friends say I am an artist. Because I love doing what I do. Each doll is unique and is like a part of me.

My desire: to communicate the magic I feel through the dolls.

Olivia Framhein
Olivia Framhein
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