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Lita Chan

Member since May 2015

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As a lot of people know me now grew from playing with Blythe dolls and changing them in the way I like and love.  I shared my passion with the Blythe world and got lovely feedback. What first only was meant for me as a hobby grew to my style in customizing for other Blythe lovers. Thanks everyone for the great feedback and advice. My main activity is customizing. I love carving because the visual effect is strong.
As background, I have a Bachelor degree of Arts in Fine Arts and I am very happy I can express myself in this way.

I started long ago with a Kenner doll, but did not know at that time they would be the Blythe of today. I customize Blythe dolls since 2013 and I hope to make a lot of people happy my dolls.
To make the look complete I sew clothes for them too and I hope to improve by following a sewing class.

I have a lovely husband helping me and we live in Belgium.

Lita Chan
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