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I'm Melanie Bouman and I am from the Netherlands (Zwolle). At this moment I'm still a student and doing a fashion tailoring education, I hope to graduate next year. I really like making my own clothes so that I can wear something unique and different, another hobby of mine is drawing.Most of the time I draw girls inspired by my own clothing style.

I don't remember exactly where I learned about the Blythe doll but I think I came across one on google and really liked them. so I went looking for more information about this doll. I bought my first Blythe second hand on an auction site. This was around 2013. By then I already found dolls that didn't look like the stock doll's but etch had a different personality and wanted my doll to have a different personality so that's when I started customizing.

I customize Blythe dolls for almost 4 years now and really enjoy doing it. With my dolls, I like the variation from kawaii girls to the more natural Blythe dolls.

Melanie Bouman
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