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Hello! Welcome to my profile, I'll tell you something more about me ...
My name is Marta, I'm 40 years old and I'm from Madrid, Spain. I am the mother of a beautiful 4-year-old girl named Paula. I am a very passionate woman with the things that I really like, cinema, photography, traveling and dolls. I love customizing and sewing for the Blythes! It is a world so beautiful ... To give life to these precious girls and to create an entire universe around them, to name them a name, an outfit to complement their personality, in short, to create something unique ...

I started in this world in a self-taught way since there was not much information on the internet. I read everything I found and practice a lot until I find my own style. I put all my heart in each of the dolls that I do, I dedicate many hours to each one of them, I do them with much care and care, and every time a house comes out, a part of me goes with them ...

As for the sewing my designs are own, I use high-quality fabrics, and I like to sew for all types of dolls, whether they are girls or adults, sweet or daring, all styles have something special!

Thank you very much for reading me and I hope you like my work!

Marta Butragueño Bachiller
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