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I'm a working Mother of one lovely boy living in Singapore. I'm currently working as a full-time manager in a medical clinic. My highest qualification is in high school and my hobbies are collecting and customizing Blythes during my spare time. I have a couple of small pets like chinchilla, bunnies, and hamsters in my humble apartment. I first came across Blythe more than a decade ago in a cafe in town when I saw two girls taking photographs of the big head dolls( Blythes) and I started to source for this doll on the web and learned that they are called Blythes. And we do have a few retail shops here selling them such as the very famous Dollzinc formerly located in our CBD district. And from there I started to collect them one by one till now. To date, I have a small collection of twenty over stock Blythes. And I started to customize them about 1.5 years ago. I learned the art of customizing through the sharing of tips from Blythe customization Facebook page as well as YouTube. We have a local Blythe hobby group here and we hold frequent meetup to share the dolls we collected.

I guess what defines me as a person as well as a customizer is a happy person who wanted to live life to the fullest as well as seeking more adventure in Blythe world. Creativity is never ending.

Rina Phua
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