DollyCustom - Blythe Doll Customizers is an online project with the purpose of gathering all artists that create amazing Blythe doll customs. It’s currently in version one, featuring a very simple gallery-style site with all customizers appearing in the homepage with links to their sites and social media. Hopefully more customizers will be added as soon as more submissions are received and all material is gathered.

It also features a weekly selection of custom Blythe dolls for sale (on Etsy) and selected auctions available through Ebay.


Each customizer is represented by a block of content featuring:

  • thumbnail of one of the custom dolls
  • brand, name and country of the customizer
  • website and social media links (when applicable)
  • availability for commission work (pink check icon)

Social Media

DollyCustom has a Facebook page with daily posts about custom Blythe dolls for sale, custom Blythe doll auctions and also the famous Cutie of the Day where a cute doll from a customizer is featured.


This site is updated weekly (Weekly Dolls) and also monthly (Customizers list). To keep yourself updated, don’t forget to and also LIKE our Facebook page for daily links and suggestions.


Thanks for all help from the members of these amazing groups:



This site is curated by MissBlythe (Patricia Carvalho) who is a Blythe Doll collector since 2005. She had the first european online store dedicated for Blythe Dolls and is the admin of the DollyAdoption Facebook Group.